Talion Edition — KYLAM: Necropolis — 法國 巴黎

KYLAM explores in its own way the subject of necropolises and their buildings, surrealist tombs, symbolic subjugated mortuary. During his many strolls at the Père Lachaise cemetery, KYLAM links his drawings of tombs “hallucinated” and the messages written for eternity on burials. Fragility of human life, art and words remain immutable here.

Death is fascinating, frightening, it is waiting for us all. The first isolated tombs date back to the middle Paleolithic. Since then, they have come in many forms and are present in virtually every civilization and religion. The cemeteries where centuries old burials are crossed are true open-air museums. The tombs, masterpieces of architecture where the deceased marks his passage in the world of the living as to acquire a form of immortality.