The Coyote — Neptune’s Lounge — 美國 紐約

The inaugural issue of The Coyote is a composite from a trip taken by photographers Jonathan Levitt and Jesse Lenz and reporter Seth Putnam between the Florida Everglades and secluded Cumberland Island, Georgia. At the mention of this particular patch, most people think of two stereotypes: retirees and bad drivers. But it is a place of fierce biology and terrifying predators, of pedigreed Florida crackers and Gladesmen who aren’t afraid to test the limits of the law, of old American aristocracy, and yes, of seniors hoping to get warm. It’s the kind of fever dream one might have while sitting in a bar named for the God of the Sea: overheard snippets of conversation, characters in conflict, scenes of a land trying to come to terms with itself.

The Coyote is a large-format dispatch from threatened environments. Named after the shape-shifting trickster from North American folklore, it’s a limited-edition study of extinction: people, places, and things that are now gone—or soon will be. It’s a blend of fantastical experiences and anecdotes encountered on real trips, guided by the notion that if the end hasn’t already come, it’s certainly near. It’s a diorama of the uncanny. Only 2,000 copies are printed, and once they’re out in the world, they won’t be here again in this form!