The Travel Almanac — Issue 11 — 柏林 德國

In a time when interconnectedness is being disavowed and borders feel more pressing, travel is emerging as an ever more crucial and powerful subject matter. In the last five years The Travel Almanac has explored perspectives, places, and objects that evoke telling atmospheres and feelings.

Issue 11 of The Travel Almanac continues its journey through the eyes and voices of an all-female cast. The new issue’s cover stars are Isabelle Huppert, shot at the legendary Les Bains in Paris by Heji Shin in select pieces by Céline, Vêtements and Givenchy, and Kacy Hill, shot in Los Angeles by Jenny Hueston, wearing Rodarte, Gucci, Vêtements and Hood by Air. The actrice extraordinaire recounts French radicalism in the 60s and explains Continental approaches to acting. While the American songwriter and model describes the travel mindset of Middle Americans and Kanye West’s impact on her debut album.