This is Pacifica — A [Brick] Book to present a Brick House — 葡萄牙 波爾圖

This is Pacifica design studio creates a book that honours artisans! Brick is the central theme in the architectural design of a house located in Melides measuring 1200m² and with 300,000 hand-made, solid bricks, stacked seamlessly. A project by Aires Mateus architecture studio, for Primosfera, a family-owned and independent Real Estate company.

“The book was made from the outside in - the size of the brick determines the interior volume and, starting from the imperfection of the brick, a mathematical perfection of the book was achieved: 205x95mm and exactly 340 pages. We carefully select materials to optimize the project's carbon footprint, such as recycled paper for the inner cover, core and shipping box. LED technology was used for faster drying, which allowed for a 40% reduction in ink.”