OFFF Barcelona — 2015 Teaser (1:11)

Video by Atelier/Masmachos

Fifteen isn’t just an odd number, nor a year, nor a bunch of candles we’re blowing this May. Fifteen is this gigantic era of your life, your first acne, your first lover, your first turn on, your first rebel experience – Atelier school is giving you the slightest idea of OFFF Barcelona 2015 15th Anniversary in this master teaser. So, will you join the rebelliousness when OFFF turns 15 this May?

A Teaser by Atelier/Masmachos
“Masmachos” are students of Atelier 2014/2015: Bhavin Mistry, Maria López, Pablo García, Blanca Zaragoza, Matt Nichol, Sílvia Valls, Guillermo Flores, Ero Pagla, Fran Uribe, Marta Marinho & Luis Piñeiro.

Directed by: Laura Sans

Produced by: Aimée Duchamp & Héctor Ayuso

Music: Rodrigo Silverio Do Carmo
Sound Design: Simon Smith & Eric Nagel BCN_Sound
Assistant Director: Marta Marinho & Ero Pagla
First Assistant Camera: Guillermo Flores, Fran Uribe

Second Assistant Camera: Pablo García
Gaffer: Dani de Juan
Compositing & Animation: Joao Lucas & Fran Uribe
Art Direction: Blanca Zaragoza, Ero Pagla
Producer Assistant: Silvia Valls

Characters: Gaudi Vall, Pau Solà, Alba Delgado, Dunna Petit & Pablo Uribe
Atelier’s Director: Aimée Duchamp
Atelier’s Art Directors: Enric Isern & Joao Lucas