Bito — Taipei in Motion: 2017 Taipei Universiade (1:37)

With fast pace editing, this video shows tangible and invisible energy between scenes of Taipei City and sports of 2017 Summer Universiade and also interjects dazzling lines of energy to penetrate the storyline.

A Film by Bito
Creative Director: 劉耕名 Keng-Ming Liu
Director: 劉耕名 Keng-Ming Liu / 尹國賢 Gavin Yin / 程紀皓 Howard Cheng
Art Director: 劉熙真 Hsi-Jen Liu
Designer: 劉熙真 Hsi-Jen Liu / 朱哲頡 Che-Chieh Chu / 高慶和 Ching-Ho Kao
Producer: 陳克柔 Carol Chen
Copy Director: 黃心怡 Vicki Huang
Account manager: 彭乃芸 Naiyun Peng
Editor: 程紀皓 Howard Cheng / 劉耕名 Keng-Ming Liu
Animation & Compositing: 劉熙真 Hsi-Jen Liu / 朱哲頡 Che-Chieh Chu / 高慶和 Ching-Ho Kao
Music Production: Subject 2 Sound
Music: 黃俐雅 Liya Huang
Sound Design: Dave Dunlap
Sound Mixing: 王永鈞 Chief Wang
Color Grading: 布丁

Director: 尹國賢 Gavin Yin
On-set Production Manager: 張俊謙 Jerry Chang
Director of Photography: 傅士英
Camera Assistant: 簡金湖 / 柏翔 / 世豪 / 廷騏 / 孝强
Lighting: 周華光
Lighting Assistant: 廖文松 / 曾合健/ 李家弦 / 林顯銘 / 徐瑋彥
Dolly Grip: 洪祥智 / 蔡承潣 / 卓一鳴 / 高洧睫
Art Crew: 鄭維喬
Producer Crew: 江建泰 Chien Tai / 江秉叡 / 陳肇延
Casting: 曾熏嫻
Styling: 芭比
Make Up: 黃歆恩
Camera Equipment: 宏達數位影業有限公司
Fly Can: AKfly 何文杉 / 柯奐辰
Lighting Equipment: 鴻臣實業有限公司
Extra Equipment: 懿生影業移動攝影
Transportation: 五福將工作室

Director: 程紀皓 Howard Cheng
Director of Photography: 程紀皓 Howard Cheng / 湯育宇 Cliff Tang
On-set Production Manager: 陳丞楦 Katie Chen