Dvein — Alagoas – “Ghosts” (5:16)

A music video for the single GHOSTS by the New York based band ALAGOAS.

Written and directed by DVEIN
Produced by DVEIN in association with BlinkInk and Stink France

Production: Marga Sardà Badia
Cinematography: Miquel Prohens (miquelprohens.com)
Art Direction: Anna Colomer
Editor: María Antón
Postproduction: Trizz Studio (trizz.tv) and Lanczos (lanczos.tv)
Costume Designer: Renée Jablonski
Hair & Make Up: Núria Céspedes (nuriacespedes.com)
Casting: Belén Palos (belenpalos.com)
Main Cast: Keops Guerrero, Syrah Heinze, Claudio Rojas.