INE & SANNE — Yoni — The Cycle Story (0:55)

With ‘The Cycle Story’ Yoni and INE & SANNE hope to spark an interest in both girls and women to learn more about how their bodies work.

INE & SANNE teamed up with Yoni, the nicest female hygiëne product brand, yet again. In The Cycle Story, INE & SANNE visualise the female cycle in an aesthetically pleasing and contemporary manner. With this video they aim to increase awareness of how the female cycle actually works and what happens in the female body leading up to the taboo-ridden moment of menstruation.

Concept & Direction: INE & SANNE
Produced by: INE & SANNE
DOP: Floris van der Lee
Gaffer: Dick Bloemraad
Prop Design: Amba Molly & Mark van Gennip
Art Assistent: Yeelen Tavilla
Model: Fay - Linda Models
Make-up & Hairstyling: Maaike Beijer - Angelique Hoorn
Edit: Amber Hooijmans
Grading: Joppo in de Grot
Sounddesign: Audentity
SFX: The Compound
Thanks to: Cake, Glenn van de Dood, Mathieu Hagelaars, Timur Topuz & Roos Waardenburg