Lumbre — FoxSports – The Ultimate Fighter: Season 20 (0:30)

Launch Spot and Toolkit for FoxSport 2014

FOX SPORTS Los Angeles
EVP: Robert Gottlieb
Creative VP: Blake Danforth
SVP On-Air Promotions: Bill Battin
Director/Creative Director: Steve Lewis
Brand Director: Elizabeth Loucher
Producer: Laura Miller

Creative Director: Sergio Saleh

Executive Producer: Pablo Encabo

Art Director: Adriana Campos

Account Manager: Jeff Keisel
Concept design: Carla Dasso
Art Director: José Cambariere

Design: José Cambariere, Fede Dams
Lead Animation: José Cambariere

3D Animation: José Cambariere, Mr. X, Darío Becher

Animation and composition: Dario Becher, José
Cambariere, Fede Dams
Editing: Natalia Toth
Keying and Color Grading: Edi Walger