TMRRW x 18 Uppercuts x Do Hits Label — Double Kings by Howie Lee (5:18)

It’s a homage to everything that is Asian pop culture, from Ultraman to Hong Kong’s Chinese Jiangshi (zombies), triads to Sunday morning children’s TV show are in this film. The film takes viewers on a spin through different realities from red-light downtown of battling giants, glitched apparitions, gore fest, and kiddy land to tell the classic tale of good vs evil.

Directed by : 18 UPPERCUT + TMRRW
Music by : Howie Lee
Written by : 18 UPPERCUT
Creative + Art Direction by : 18 UPPERCUT
Design + Animation by : TMRRW
Director of Photography : Gianpaolo Lupori
Produced by : Laurent Chang, 18 UPPERCUT
Actor - Xingfu : Howie Lee
Actor - Animal #1 : Dafei 王鹏飞
Actor - Animal #2 : Jay 沈炜杰
Actor - Animal #3 : Ming 朱明煜
Actor - Noodle Shop Patron : Akin
Kung Fu Choreographer : Dai Lin 代铭
Kung Fu Choreographer Action Guide : Peng Li Lei 彭立磊
Stunt Double : Chan Wai 陈威
Dance Choreographer Anneliese Charek
SFX and Sound Design : Lime Studio
Editor : TMRRW
Key Makeup : Courtney Frey
Makeup FX : Matty Lutz
Makeup Assistants: Ellen Ni, Ashley Xu, Molly Bizman
Title Typography : Chelsea Shen
Styling + Props : Zha Ji, Lin Hao
Calligraphy : Ann Zeng
Design : Ann Zeng
Photography : Jedi
Poster Illustrustion : Lab Six Five Studio