MEDIAH — Lantern Shell — 加拿大 多倫多

The LANTERN SHELL is a dual sided mural project designed and painted by Canadian multidisciplinary artist Evond Blake (MEDIAH). The theme of the mural is ‘Finding Our Way’. The artwork is an inspirational piece signifying ‘light shining in the dark’ in order to provide hope and upliftment to the residents of the O’Connor-Parkview and Topham Park communities in a time when the world is full of fear and uncertainty. The artwork was created to beautify, revitalize and transform the section of O’Connor Drive by turning two ordinary walls in an underserved community into an awe-inspiring and visionary landmark that members of the surrounding communities can be proud of. The mural has engaged the community members by allowing people from various walks of life, age groups, races and socio-economic levels to enjoy the step-by-step creation and permanent installment of a contemporary art piece that is freely accessible to the public.