Simon Birch — The 14th Factory — 美國 洛杉磯

The 14th Factory is Hong Kong’s first largest and hottest art project to make global impact. After international recognition, visits from hundreds of world celebrities and influencers, daily sold out tickets, an extended closing date and around-the-block queues, Hong Kong-born exhibition The 14th Factory continues to make history as Hong Kong’s largest and hottest world art project with over 150,000 square foot of epic multiple-media art experiences. Reinventing 3 acres of an empty industrial warehouse and lot on the outskirts of downtown Los Angeles in Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles, yet originating in Hong Kong as the brainchild of internationally acclaimed artist Simon Birch and other collaborative creative talents of twenty other artists from around the world. Birch is the first ever Hong Kong artist making such unprecedented international impact on the world’s growing art scene.