Sony World Photography Awards — 2017 Winners Revealed — 倫敦 英國

Ten extraordinary photographs from across the globe are revealed as the winners of the Open categories of the 2017 Sony World Photography Awards, the world’s largest photography competition. The winners were selected from more than 105,000 entries to the Awards’ Open competition, with the expert panel of judges looking for the best single photographs across ten categories including: Architecture - Tim Cornbill (UK), Culture - Jianguo Gong (China), Enhanced - Lise Johansson (Denmark), Motion - Camilo Diaz (Colombia), Nature - Hiroshi Tanita (Japan), Portraits - Alexander Vinogradov (Russia), Still Life - Sergey Dibtsev (Russia), Street Photography - Constantinos Sofikitis (Greece), Travel - Ralph Gräf (Germany), Wildlife - Alessandra Meniconzi (Switzerland).