Actiu — Cool Working — 西班牙 瓦倫西亞

Cool Working by Actiu involves an analytical and consulting process that identifies the client’s needs and provides the optimal solution, taking into account the space, the working style that is being designed within the space, the aesthetics and of course, the functionality of the product to be deployed. The ulti-mate goal is to ensure happier and, for that matter, more productive workers.

The Alicante firm will take advantage of this date to present their new philoso-phy based on wellbeing and productivity: Cool Working, a new process that re-defines work spaces to adjust them to the communicative, technological and emotional demands required by new paradigms. The company is releasing five new ranges that are focused on ergonomics, flexi-bility and versatility: eFit and TNK Flex office chairs, designed by Alegre Design and the Bend, endorsed by Stone Design.