ENORME Studio — Schlickeysen: Bovedilla Series I — 馬德里 西班牙

SCHLICKEYSEN is a modular furniture system based on two types of modular metal supports and standard-sized ceramic curved vaults. All kinds of settings can be configured from the combination of these three elements; picnic tables, continuous benches, grandstands, topographies, and many more typologies can be achieved by just stacking the metal supports and using the ceramic vaults as horizontal supporting surface.

SCHLICKEYSEN is the first prototype of BOVEDILLA SERIES research, initiated by ENORME Studio and aimed to promote the use of industrialized ceramic pieces applied to furniture. SCHLICKEYSEN first prototype has been fabricated for Centro Cultural Conde Duque in Madrid, firstly to be used as temporary furniture arrangement to provide space for activities at Gastrofestival 2017 and secondly to be included as a part of the Centre’s permanent furniture.