Esferic Better Things — PLEX — 巴倫西亞 西班牙

PLEK is the first A4 furniture and is the easiest solution to hang things on the walls without drilling holes. It is made of aluminum and incorporates adhesive strips to support more than one kilo of weight, designed to hold a continuous use. You only have to open the packaging, fold the product and stick it to the wall. It is a piece of furniture that comes in 5 models: jeweler, toilet roll holder and magazine rack for the bathroom, spice rack for the kitchen, tablet or phone holder, and key hanger. All of them are the easiest, simplest and most original solution to organize the house.

Esferic Better Things is launching this hanger product through crowdfunding in the worldwide platform Kickstarter. They are a company specialized in developing ideas that solves daily problems in a sustainable way and it contributes to change habits and to enhance our planet. Among the company innovative products, Waterdrop and Ecopoop have been very successful. The folding watering can patent saves more than three liters of water in every shower; and Ecopoop is the first ecological collector of dog droppings that promotes the sustainable picking of poops.