Studio Lotte Douwes — Table Landscapes — 艾恩德霍芬 荷蘭

Table Landscapes redefine a flat surface and provide a podium to showcase valuable objects. The dining room forms the heart of our interior and social interaction. The table is a reflection of our identity. It is used as a display, for centrepieces such a vase of flowers. Table Landscapes have been designed to provide these functions with their own platform, to showcase them or to bring calm to everything that happens on this flat surface. Together they form a landscape in which you can define what should be seen.

The plateaus are available in a series of sizes, each with its own colour. They can be combined in different ways by sliding them over one another. The plateaus are perfect for presenting special dishes during a dinner, or can be used as a pedestal for showpieces. As such, they can also be used in shop interiors to display special products. Table Landscapes are made from sustainable composite. This material is produced from a waste product of the coal industry, which is mixed with an adhesive and pigment and then pressed into sheets. For some shapes, waste material is ground down and reused in new sheets. The material is low maintenance, scratch resistant and available in a matt finish. *Photography by: Jeroen van der Wielen.