Oak & Morrow — Revivre — 鹿特丹 荷蘭

Revivre is a limited edition range of the three sets: Playful, Intimate and Healing. Each set contains of a perfume dispenser to capture the moment and a porcelain oil flask and diffuser to relive the moment. Revivre, capture and relive the moment.

Memories are our greatest treasures. Oak & Morrow tries to capture specific moments in the hope to safely store them in memory and be able to relive them one day. Research proves that scent triggers memories and can recreate them more vividly than other senses. Our receptors are able to pick up on very specific notes and connect the dots inside our brain. The idea behind Revivre was to reverse engineer this process and turn things around: First, choose a scent and second, capture a specific moment that you want to relive later.