OWOW — MIDIS 2.0 — 埃因霍溫 荷蘭

OWOW (Omnipresent World of Wizkids) just launched its brand new product: the ‘MIDIS 2.0’. These four wireless MIDI controllers are all about enriching live performances and getting more creative in the studio by using intuitive body movement. OWOW is shipping awesomeness to artists, musicians and creatives worldwide!

The MIDIS 2.0 are all about physical control, with digital possibilities. All controllers can be used wirelessly via Bluetooth and are built to last on the road because of their aluminum casings. All functionalities can now be fully personalized and modified with the OWOW utility software. The MIDIS 2.0 combine expressivity and the ability to add digital layers on top of your analog instruments, blending digital and analog.