Silvia Ceñal — TREKU “Basoa” Table — 聖塞瓦斯蒂安 西班牙

Inspired by the pine trees found in the vast forests of the French region of Les Landes, the Basoa table is both simple and timeless. What sets it apart from other tables, however, is the original and unique union between the stretcher and the leg.

Silvia Ceñal, (1985, San Sebastian), after studying Technical Ingeneering in the University of Basque Country, she extended her knowledge in Groningen (Netherlands) and Florence (Italy). After a short period working in different studios in San Sebastian (Spain), she increased her know-how in furniture design at IED in Madrid. And then she continued her career at Stone Designs Studio. In 2015, with the aim of growing professionally in the design world, she started her own journey creating her own studio in San Sebastian. Since then, she works with international companies of furniture and lighting sector, like Bosc, Emko, Lufe, Treku and Two Six, designing new products inspired by material’s warmth and simplicity and the color’s joy.