STUDIO 1:1 — Interactive Water Table — 荷蘭 鹿特丹

Water, plants, fish and macrobenthos from Brabant’s lakes and rivers vividly fill the ‘Water table’: an informative and interactive discussion table. During the process of establishing Brabant’s Environment Vision, the ‘Water table’ designed by STUDIO 1:1 has been the centre piece in a work session for policy makers. Glass marker pens were used to draw on projected maps. The session’s aim was to facilitate and stimulate the conversation around the ‘Wateragenda 2030’.

In the process of establishing the Environment Vision of the Province of North Brabant, a collaboration has been formed between Brabant’s four water boards (waterschappen), the programme ‘Verbindend Water’ and drinking water corporation ‘Brabant Water’. Together they are working on ‘Wateragenda 2030’. This water policy aims to start the conversation about the relationship between water, climate and surroundings, and about how environment stakeholders like municipalities, interest groups, farmers and citizens can cooperate. STUDIO 1:1 has been asked to visualize Brabant’s water connections more imaginatively than with a traditional report. This has resulted in a clear and visual report based on maps, where the strong layout makes complex and strategic matter easily legible. The report uses the ‘layer approach’ by looking at an environment divided in layers like foundation, network layer and occupation layer. These have been integrated in the research and design.