Ezra Yew Wah Ng — Graphic Design — 馬來西亞 吉隆坡

Ezra Yew Wah Ng is a Malaysia based, jack-of-all-trades sort of graphic designer that mostly focus on editorial design, but always execute his work in as much physical medium as much as he can then incorporate them digitally into his designs.

A magazine fanatic of a designer — as in evident with the impressive series of magazines and illustrations that he has created so far. His magazines feature different themes, concepts and aesthetics — accompanied with great photography and illustrations. Subtle, yet striking; each magazine takes a step above its genre and emerges with its own unique idea and identity. His multidisciplinary talent is shown off greatly with his works; writing, photography, illustrations, layouts, and concept thinking. A very impressive accomplishment considering the magazines presents no weak link between the many aspects he single-handedly contributed to it, but all equally astonishing and well executed. These are entrancing achievements that do justice to its subject, and provides further proof that Ezra is one of the designers to look out for.