Erwin Olaf Photograph Series in Shanghai — 上海 中國 — 7 APR - 7 JUN 2018

唐妮诗画廊–上海 256北京东路

“Shanghai reminds me of a young, confident adolescence full of boundless energy, convinced of its own power, and doing whatever it takes to reach its potential. That power is asserted by the colossal skyline and the suburbs that sprout, grow and change almost monthly. This mega-city is, on a macro scale, so overwhelmingly restless, yet at the micro level it’s the opposite — the enormity is lost when one joins the countless microcosms with which Shanghai is so rich, and I want to unite these seemingly incompatible extremes in my work. Alongside these impressions and many personal encounters on various trips in Shanghai, I came upon the idea to search for locations with a history and a story.”