Eldorado Volume One — 西班牙 巴塞羅那

Eldorado Volume One is about inspired travellers that leave their safe homes and set off to explore. With an aesthetic approach and a poetic yet informative writing, the publication gathers stories celebrating both the intimate inner experience of the travelers and the sublimity of the great outdoors from an artistic and unique point of view.

In this first volume, Eldorado aims at capturing the sensations of sliding down smoking mountains on a unicycle; of seeing the majestic spectacle of water shaping the Icelandic landscape; of rediscovering the primitive treasures of Galápagos; of being a diver traveling only across Ocean waters; of riding until the end of Patagonia and meeting the last men preserving a fallen Soviet utopia; of finding back one’s roots in the golden beaches of California, putting the pieces together in a surf trip to Barbados, break with your girlfriend and travelling one year alone with your bike across the endless Asia. An essay about food and the transforming power of fire, together with a tip for a unique experience in a cave house, caps the publication.