Funnytastes Magazine Book 4 — Stay True — 西班牙 巴塞羅那

FUNNYTASTES Book Four features 5 amazing covers and 242 pages! “We have forgotten how to be ourselves because society is asking us to be so many things at the same time. There are so many double standards, we are constantly in conflict and keep changing who we are because everytime we try to embody the truth, it changes.”

Featured Photographers include: Karl and Kristof, Sascha Heintze, Emmanuel Giraud, Vito Fernicola, Joshua Woods, Hans Neumann, Andreas Karlsson, Cristian Di Stefano, Atlanta Rascher, Manuel Obadia Wills, Zoey Grossman, Enrico Brunetti, Catharina Pavitschitz, Bridget Fleming, Alberto Maria Colombo.

Featured Stylists include: Tiffani Chynelr, Erik Raynal, Jonathan Huguet, Paul Barge, Marcela Jacobina, Esther Matilla, Emma Thorstrand, Eugenia Alejos, Ann-Kathrin Obermeyer, Alessia Ansalone, Bobette Cohn, David Gómez-Villamediana, Marianthi Hatzikidi, Savannah White.