Neo2 Issue #153 — Refresh — 馬德里 西班牙

This issue is a tribute to creativity. “Refresh” represents the time we need to break with the routines. The time to disconnect, to be off. It is the only way to come back again with new ideas and having reset the mind. If we were a computer we would only have to press a key to reset our hard drive. But we are nothing of that. We are a magazine. We are simply a set of pages printed on 2 sides and bound with love. We can’t go one day to the beach, we can’t disconnect, nor put off. Our only way to refresh is creativity.

Neo2 is an independent publication, Spanish through and through, focused on creative trends: Fashion, Design, Music, Art, Interiors, Architecture and Film. A magazine about creative culture that applies that same creative concept to the formats it comes in. Naranjo—Etxeberria was commissioned for the publication’s redesign since issue #150.