Mark van Wageningen — Novo Typo Color Book — 阿姆斯特丹 荷蘭

Are typographers and type designers really black-and-white thinkers? Are they really so conservative as to think that text in books, periodicals, newspapers and other print, including the text on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone, should always be black? There’s plenty of color in the print media, at least in illustrations, and occasionally we come across a color headline.

Traditionally, texts in manuscripts were written in black, or nearly black, ink. Gutenberg’s invention did not make it easy, technically, to print a second color. So from 1450 up to now, text has mostly been presented to us in a single color: black. But this is going to change.

Preface by: Gerard Unger
Text and design by: Mark van Wageningen
Published by: De Buitenkant
Hardcover, 16.5 x 24cm, 96 pages
Printed in 3 pms colors offset and letterpress
ISBN: 978 94 90913 65 6