Oded Ezer — Typographic clips for 2015 Liturgical Music Festival (1:01)

Typographic video clips inspired by natural and organic forms

All videos depicted the Hebrew Beit-Hillel font, designed by Ezer himself. The design of this half-serif font was based on a 20th century Hebrew classic - HaẒvi - and strived to “unveil” the traditional letter “hidden inside” HaẒvi’s modern façade, and thus completing retroactively the work of legendary Hebrew type designer Ẓvi Hausmann from 1954.

Project Team: Oded Ezer, visual concept, art-direction and design; Roi Tsoref, Ifat Trigerman, Naama Gershoni, design, video editing and after-effects; Ido Cohen Aloro, digital filming; Client: Beit Avi-Chai, Jerusalem.