Yael Ozsinay — Common Room (7:03)

13 animators based on Talia Randall’s spoken-word poem ‘Common Room’

A Spoken Word Poem by Talia Randall

Design and animation (by order of appearance):
Yael Ozsinay
Nir Philosof
Maayan Moreno Erlich
Shimi Asresay
Noa Evron
Inbal Ochyon
Yuzefovic Valery
Dekel Oved
Sivan Kotek
Dan Berger
Inbal Breda
Adva Rodan
Tal Rachmin

“Common Room” From the EP “3 Mile Radius” by Talia Randall

Words by Talia Randall
Music by Elian Gray
Additional Instrumentation by Jay’La Payne
Mixed by Lucid Mover and Elian Gray
Mastered by Subsy at Subvert Central Mastering
Recorded at Ze Cabin
Released by Emerging Species 2012

Live Shoot: Daniel Mitelpunkt, Day for Night Films
Credits Design: Tami Ozsinay
Produced by: Yael Ozsinay